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Here is the music score of the organ composition “Postlude In F”.

10 plays
Christian M. Yoder,

This postlude is a closing piece of music intended as an organ voluntary played at the end of a church service.  The form of this composition is a basic fanfare style with chordal structures and key changes that may invoke continued listening interest.

Here is the music score for the organ composition “Prelude In E Minor”.

20 plays
Christian M. Yoder,

This prelude is not an introductory piece to a larger piece of music - it is intended as a prelude to a worship service or mass.  It is an independent composition using a fugal motif that is repeated in imitation and variation throughout the piece and thus, creates a basic theme and variation form.  This organ composition was written for James Sawyers Jr. who is the organist at Grace Lutheran Church in Tampa, Florida.

                                                Polyseme “Order”
                 ORDER #2

                          A Soldier
                                orders in
                                     orders out
                                          orders with
                                               orders without
                                                     orders for
                                                          orders from
                                                               and through
                                                                    when ordering
                                                                        from a composite order
                                                                                of all orders.

           A judge abided by
                   his order stating that
                        with order and
                              for order are
                                     under order
                                          within order  and
                                                  amid order
                                                          according to order.
                             Copyright ©  9/10/1983 by Christian M. Yoder

                                            Polyseme “Order”

              The orderly sergeant
                           calls to order
                                        the order of battle
                                                      or the order of arms.
               ORDER #5
                              The ordained order
                                          take holy orders
                                                      in the order of worship
                                                               which is orderly ordered.
                                                                         from the ordered mass.
                              ORDER #6
                                             The order losers
                                                         buy order ware
                                                                 from the order board
                                                                                    or order bill.
                                           ORDER #7 
                                                          The ordered class
                                                                   keep order
                                                                         in ordering orders
                                                                              by the order paper.

                                    Copyright ©  7/22/1983 by Christian M. Yoder  


                                                                  “Polyseme “Up”

(There is an area of doubt between the concepts of polysemy and homonymy. In the following writings, however, the word polysemy will be utilized as the more inclusive term.  It is, therefore, appropriate for the reader to determine if some of the terms or phrases treated as polysemy may be homonyms.)

UP # 1
     If I am not used up or burned up before my time is up to give up the ghost or decide it is time to hang it up, I will continue to be up by four each morning to see if I am up to do more writing before I boot up the computer and dress up. If I happen to get up on the wrong side of bed I might turn up to be annoying  to  others who wake up and sit up and pipe up that they are fed up with flare up and will not put up with my blow up.  They may even suggest that I wise up and cheer up and face up to the fact that I have to shape up my getting up before I soap up. They could even prefer that I clam up or with a bit of sarcasm suggest that I dry up.

UP # 2
      During my morning warm up exercises, I worked up and appetite before I cooked up my breakfast.  Then I washed up the dishes, cleaned up the kitchen and locked up the house and left for school.  When the students showed up, I opened up the room for
algebra class and took up their homework papers as I listened to them make up
excuses.  After class, I straightened up the classroom and wrapped up my lessons
plans before I wrote up a maintenance report to send up to the principal.  As I left, I saw
students line up to get on the bus and they seemed to have brightened up their faces
with smiles. I then drove up to my driveway and made sure the car windows were up
before walking up the steps to the house.

                                     Copyright ©  1982 by Christian M. Yoder



                                  Competence! Competence! Is that the spell
                                  which poisons the actions of those who do well?
                                  Absolute knowledge has never been with us
                                  and righteous solutions are naught but malicious.
                                  “Issues not politics” resounds the quote,
                                  senators losing won’t pay for a vote?
                                  Ignore politicians! That would be amiss -
                                  has ever an oath been betrayed by a kiss?

                                  Pecking codes highly developed and sure
                                  may  camouflage all education as pure.
                                  Leaders of knowledge we frequently trust
                                  follow economics and not what is just.

                                  Teachers ask menial work of the student,
                                  ownership due them for being so prudent;
                                  Unlearned students evaluate scholars,
                                  equity due them for spending those dollars.
                                  Tenured instructors in annual review
                                  abjure the creativeness others pursue.
                                  Could interpretation and manipulation
                                  influence the findings in consideration?

                                  A student selected a learned institution
                                  refusing  subjection to merit pollution,
                                  And further rejected mere indoctrination
                                  she found masquerading as true education.

                                  Her  records and scholastic testings have shown
                                  what she and her parents had already  known.
                                  Perhaps, our officials will someday acknowledge
                                  that not every student is molded for college.

                                     Copyright ©1983 by Christian M. Yoder

                                                        SELECTED POEMS


                                        Your early morning call beckons

                                        with courage and gentleness.

                                        Why do you sing so long

                                        when no one asks for Tasks or favors?

                                        Your voice  of purity resounds

                                        a carol of grace and greatness.

                                        I hear your harmony in blended tones

                                        with nature’s concert.

                    Copyright, February 17, 1985, Christian M. Yoder

(My wife had already gone to work.  When I arrived at the USF campus a songbird followed me from my car to the Office building relentlessly singing — I was reminded that it was my wife’s birthday)

                                               SONGS TO MYSELF
                                                 “Of Courage”
                               Where is such deep and deplorable woe                               as bearing a touch that won’t heal?                               Where is misfortune so gallantly low                               as the appeal to relinquish a zeal?                               Is there a more struck calamity                               than available acts left undone?                               Is there a far greater tragedy                               than unchallenged lore come and gone?                               Step out!  Set your sail                               which will lead you afar                               from the ease of inhabited crowds!                               Embark!  Leave a trail!                               Reach out for a star,                               avoiding inimical shrouds.                               Allege these commands oh my servitus soul -                               annul any callithump goal.                       Copyright © 6/1979 by Christian M. Yoder

                                               SONGS TO MYSELF

                                                 “Of Courage”

                               Where is such deep and deplorable woe
                               as bearing a touch that won’t heal?
                               Where is misfortune so gallantly low
                               as the appeal to relinquish a zeal?
                               Is there a more struck calamity
                               than available acts left undone?
                               Is there a far greater tragedy
                               than unchallenged lore come and gone?
                               Step out!  Set your sail
                               which will lead you afar
                               from the ease of inhabited crowds!
                               Embark!  Leave a trail!
                               Reach out for a star,
                               avoiding inimical shrouds.
                               Allege these commands oh my servitus soul -
                               annul any callithump goal.

                       Copyright © 6/1979 by Christian M. Yoder