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                               MONOLOGUES (one of five)


Yes, I was born to sing a joyful song! With resonance I utter what is fine,
yet feel the wheel of time that binds my line.
With wonder I embrace the sun as mine assured the spiraling spheres to me belong.
I’m born to warble freely all day long, still, I was born to pace each waiting day.
If I have patience in the month of May and through the darkest cloud can find a ray,
I’ll hear the earth toll out a cheerful gong.

Yes, I was born to labor through each day and I was born to trample out the wine
extracting purple juice from nine to nine.
Assuming I address all that is mine then I was born to heed my work and stay.
I, too, was born for merriment and play forgetting I am charged a certain fine.
I gladly paddle slowly up the Rhine permitting grapes to dangle on the vine
and host a pleasant toast along the way.

Sure, I was born to lead the search each day, to fervently and seriously yearn.
If finding truth’s my authorized concern then I will yield to toiling task, and burn -
although my temperament approves delay.
I’m born to ferret soft acclaiming calls.
In stalking deer, I merely praise the tine avoiding harm where other hunters pine -
for killing never has a lucky sign. I will avert abrupt, impairing falls.

Yes, I was born to let my hate subside, and born to dodge the darts thrust from a prong - enduring grief to the bear the right from wrong.
Compassion may be felt among the throng if I will halt a bleeding, ere I chide.
I, too, was born to conquer ruined pride, and I was born to live and love and learn.
If I can thank a man to take his turn and calmly claim forgiveness and adjourn,
Then all my actions may in peace abide.

I sprightly echo out a sounding gong to join the bellowing notes of heart and lung.
I’ll raise my voice ‘till all my songs are sung and strike the chords ‘till all the tones have rung. Yes, I was born to sing a joyful song.

                          Copyright ©1980 by Christian M. Yoder