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                                                        “Of Friendship”

                                    The ties that fuse secure, cohesive hopes
                                    will strengthen when a buoyant junction’s felt.
                                    The mergers of opposing views and scopes
                                    grow firm as welds begin to yield and melt.

                                   The separate bindings joining hand in hand
                                    roll into one when venal dealings cease.
                                   The numerous pins tacking seam to band
                                   not stitched will allow a span increase.

                                   A sympathetic union sharply ends
                                   when set with lordly leashes and restrains.
                                   The lasting bonds between two loving mates
                                   are freed from shackles, charges, links, and chains.

                                  Clasps and clamps of brutal, bolted locks,
                                  ignore the reverence of peaceful flocks.

                                 Copyright ©3/1/7/1984 by Christian M. Yoder

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